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30 years of excellenceSince 1984, M&A has provided quality hydrogeologic and water resource services to clients in the industrial, mining, energy, municipal, land development, tribal, and agricultural sectors. We combine our unparalleled groundwater hydrology experience with expertise in water resource policy and economics to develop integrated solutions.

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News highlights from our August 2014 issue of the Arizona Water Policy Update

Arizona’s water news this month is again dominated by supply shortage in the Colorado River basin. A new study shows that the rate of groundwater depletion during the recent decade-long drought has far exceeded the rate of supply reductions from Lakes Powell and Mead. As expected, Lake Mead reached a historic low this month, increasing the chances of a shortage declaration in 2016. Reclamation forecasts that Lake Mead will drop below 1,075 feet in April 2015 and remain below that level through the end of next year.

Another important long-term issue, the future of the Navajo Generating Station, is now much closer to resolution based on events this past month. The final pollution-reduction rule published by EPA last month differed significantly from the one first proposed 5 years ago. CAP now has greater certainty that it can rely on NGS as its main source of power until 2044. 

These two issues have concerned Arizona water users for many years. Although not yet settled, they are moving toward a new set of management conditions and — at least in the case of NGS — more operating certainty. However, several emerging issues are just as likely to influence the price and availability of water in Arizona. Taking center stage over the next few years will be the response of various water-use sectors to shortage and the year-to-year management of water levels in Lake Mead. Two big drivers to watch are the pressure for increased use of Colorado River water by Upper Basin states, especially the Front Range of Colorado, and innovative projects that basin states are developing to conserve lake water.

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